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What is Project Waterkeeper?

Project Waterkeeper educates students about the health of their watershed, the global impacts of local water quality issues, and about making smart choices on land that improve ocean health. STEAM education incorporates the arts with science, technology, engineering and mathematics. To be successful in technical fields, individuals must also be creative and use critical thinking skills which are best developed through exposure to the arts.  Students participate in real-life university research that emphasizes short and long-term environmental planning and academic mentoring as a stepping stone toward a career. Students develop skills for understanding the complexities of the environment, including the importance of protecting natural resources, biodiversity, watersheds and marine ecosystems for future generations. 

Marrying science with the arts is a diverse approach to education. Through experiential, hands on field research and creative art, students learn to bridge the gap between environmental and social needs in a beneficial, peaceful, sustainable way.


This is an overview of Project Waterkeeper:

Part 1: Water Quality Education

Local schools start a SeaVibe Club or join as a class

  • Assignment 1: Living Downstream DVD and discussion 

    • Student submits - Art, video, essay, or poetry


  •  Assignment 2: Water Quality Testing Education

    • Test Kit demonstration

    • Alabama Waterways and SeaVibe guest presenters


  • Assignment 3: Water Quality Testing Field Study

    • Track and Report results

    • Collect samples and Test

    • Students select test locations from EPA State GIS Mapping


  • Assignment 4: ArtSail

    • Honor Ceremony ~ Exhibit Opening 

    • River Sweep volunteers

    • Assist with marketing ArtSail



Part 2: ArtSail


  • Tennesee River Sweep

  • Art Competition ~ Artist of all ages (groups/schools encouraged)
  • Must use trash from collection to build art piece
  • All the winning pieces ‘sail’ on the river as a floating museum exhibit
Get involved!
Your help is needed! There are many ways you can get involved and volunteer! Email EMMC today to learn how you can make a difference!!
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